First and foremost, the objective of this blog is to interest you and start a conversation.  If I’m not doing that, please comment.  If I am doing that, please comment.

So, who am I?  Well, I would classify myself as a leader of high performing technology clans whose specialty is fixing broken things, as well as bringing to bear disruptive innovations.

I am currently the Chief Technology Officer for IQNavigator.  Previously, I was the CTO for the State of Colorado and that will be my last job in the public sector.  It was an amazing and eye opening (and in some cases eye popping) experience.  But, working in government is just like you think it would be.  However, we won some awards for our work and left a bit of a mark on how to drive new innovations in the government.

Most of my software engineering career has been spent in the field of Data before it was called Big Data.  I worked for twelve years for a company called Abacus, a cooperative database for the catalog industry, which had billions of transactions and analyzed almost every household in the U.S.  (Yes, you are probably in it.)  It was purchased in 1999 by DoubleClick, eventually sold off to a private equity firm, and is now a part of Epsilon.  I led the DoubleClick Architecture Review Board for two years (major cat herding) and helped disrupt the beginning of the new internet advertising age.  Check it out if you are interested.  I’ve opened offices globally, performed more due diligence than I care to remember, disrupted two companies and one government, and have been called a “visionary”.  Not sure what the means, but I hugged the person who said it.

As of 2016, I will write weekly about my binary life, which will include honest and humorous stories about life and leadership in technology.

My motto is “the answer is not no, it’s how.”




p.s. These are my words and my experiences and I don’t speak for anyone else (entity, government, company or other).

Find me at LinkedIn.

Email me at sherrihammons@gmail.com.


a mostly well-informed, technically savvy, sometimes extroverted introvert

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