I recently dropped my cell phone on a cement floor and watched it crumble into a thousand pieces.  I immediately bought a new one at Apple and couldn’t get my latest iCloud backup to sync because I needed to upgrade iOS.  The girl at Apple said I could upgrade at home and then restore the most current backup.  I synced it to my car on my way home.  I then upgraded the phone iOS, restored the latest backup and left to go to dinner.

But, that’s not why you should learn to code.

As I left my driveway, I tried calling a friend, but my phone refused to connect.  I re-synced it, but it failed every time.  Frustrated, I un-synced, re-synced and un-synced again.  Something was wrong.  Maybe I phone was broken, or the upgrade was bad.  I would have to call Apple support, which would take forever.

Then, it dawned on me that my backup restoration had probably caused the problem.  And the problem was likely my car, not my phone.  So, I deleted the entry of my original phone in my car, re-synced, and all worked beautifully.

And that is one reason you should learn to code.

  1. Coding applications teaches you logic and troubleshooting skills that will help you navigate technology problems in your daily life.  The type of issues that really piss you off, but you feel helpless to solve. 

The second reason?  Fear.  People are a bit afraid of us geeks because we have super powers that they don’t.

Girl Super Powers

Okay, not really.  But a lot of people think that way.  We geeks like to keep it a secret, but those who know us know we’re afraid of numbers higher than one.  (You’re welcome, fellow geeks.)

2.  Learning to code will remove the fear factor and destroy geek power.  You will be able to call bullshit on technology issues.  

The third is my favorite.

3.  The whole world relies on technology.  Learning to code will allow you to start your own business, improve your career choices, create an app for your kids, impress your date, solve world problems, give you a second income and make you a better person.  (Okay, maybe not that last one.)  

Name one industry that doesn’t rely in some manner on technology.  Name a country that doesn’t have it.  Even third world countries are beginning to rely on it for things we take for granted, such as mobile payments.  Why don’t we treat this ubiquitous industry like reading and writing, with most people learning the skill?  It’s difficult to get along without it these days.  And how much could we accomplish if we all could create our own little technical world?

So, where can you get these magical powers?

Here is a great place to start for free online programming courses:


What’s stopping you, Super<InsertGenderHere>?


a mostly well-informed, technically savvy, sometimes extroverted introvert

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